Up to MERV 4

EZ Flow II
One-piece continuous filament spun glass filter for residential and light commercial use. Helps protect HVAC equipment reducing energy costs.
Aluminum Service Media Roll
Expandable aluminum mesh for wall-mounted and window units. Effectively removes dust, lint, and pollen.
Foam Service Media Roll
Durable polyurethane foam for wall-mounted units, window units, and pad holding frames. Washable and reusable media removes dust, lint, and pollen.
Hogs Hair Roll Media
Hogs Hair Media Roll
Natural organic fiber media removes dust, pollen, and prevents microbial growth. Media depth holds more dust, lint, and pollen than other filters before requiring changing or cleaning.
Permaire Media Rolls
Durable synthetic, self-supporting media. This innovative replacement media offers longer service life and better structural integrity with no frame required.